Lichtspiele an der Nordküste
Altstadt von Orotava

Paradise in the Ocean

Tenerife is the largest of seven islands located in the Atlantic just west of the coast of Africa.
On Tenerife you will find a variety of different environments: the sunny coastline with its green banana plantations, the misty forest of the Anaga Mountains, the bizarre, moony landscape at the base of 3718 m high Volcano
Pico del Teide. The all year round mild climate invites you to visit the island throughout the seasons, the tropical green north as well as the dry, hot south.

Admirers of the canarian lifestyle will feel right at home in Tenerfie. Whether its the capital of Santa Cruz, the student town of La Laguna or a remote mountain village, there is always a fiesta taking place. And while dancing Salsa and sipping Vino Tinto even the coolest northern Iceman will detect his hidden hot latin temper!